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Below are my gSchool projects from 2013. Please checkout my code on GitHub.

Text-to-911 Prototype INDIVIDUAL: 

Tools for 911 dispatch centers to receive, analyze, and respond to text messages. Using jQuery to auto-refresh the page to ensure new messages are displayed, being careful to prevent refresh if any of the reply text areas have content to avoid an un-sent reply being wiped out. Currently integrated with the Twilio API, however since they do not support photo and video messages, will integrate with a different service to allow that functionality. Would like to alter the jQuery function to poll the database instead of refreshing the whole page on an interval. Additional possible features: attaching messages to incidents, mapping messages, keyword statistics/data visualization, incident-specific dashboards for use by emergency services responding to specific calls. 


Individual, self-directed project utilizing one new technology and one API. Creating a patient intake application that stores and displays patient data, and notifies the doctor via text message (Twilio) that the patient is ready to be seen. Implemented hstore in Postgres database to store large number of responses this type of form generates, instead of several tables. Used jQuery to create search form that displays results without reloading the page.


Multi-Tenant e-Commerce:

Group project, taking our e-commerce site and creating a multi-tenant platform where customers can create stores.  Focused on creating automatically generated emails using background workers.


e-Commerce Proficiency:

Group project, taking our multi-tenant e-commerce platform and adding features for the platform administrator to generate monthly invoices for a percentage of each store's sales. Paired with Jorge Téllez to create refund functionality for store administrators, and account for them in the invoices. Helped create services to handle invoices and refunds, our first foray into service-oriented architecture.


API Integration: 

Group project, Photoline. Integrate with photo sharing sites like 500px and flickr so users can curate custom photo feeds from multiple sources. Focused on signing in users with Twitter and Omniauth.