ClojureBridge & Apprenticeships Talks at Clojure/West

Last week I had the honour of delivering my first conference talk and sharing the stage with Bridget Hillyer. I met Bridget in November at Clojure/conj, and was so delighted to learn that she was working with a group of people to make ClojureBridge a reality. 

In her talk Bridget explains what ClojureBridge is and why so many people are working hard to make these free workshops happen. The first two announced workshops filled up right away, and it's clear that there are a lot of people very interested in learning and teaching Clojure.

In my talk (at about ~15:40 into the video) I share my experience going through a six month code school and an apprenticeship, why I think more software companies need to do them, and how.

We would love to answer any questions you have about these efforts. Thanks!