I Code for Democracy: My First Week at TurboVote

I just finished my first week as an Apprentice Software Developer with TurboVote, based in Brooklyn, New York. We're a non-partisan, non-profit startup. We make voting easy, from helping you register to sending you reminders about upcoming elections where you live.

I'm really excited about the work we're doing, helping to improve democracy and voter participation as well as the technology pieces. I'm starting to learn Clojure and ClojureScript while continuing to grow my Ruby and Rails chops. I work with two senior developers and another apprentice, and it's really nice having someone else at my skill level. We pair often but can spend some time working independently, which is a balance I enjoy. 

It's been great to see how the work habits ingrained during gSchool are transferring seamlessly to my first position as a professional developer. Pairing, TDD and all manner of agile practices have allowed me to step in and contribute immediately. I made my first git commit on day one, and my first pull request on day three. It's so nice to focus on the new code base before me and feature development instead of working out all the little kinks in how to step into an experienced team.

I'm so grateful to join TurboVote's team in Denver and start my new journey as a professional developer!