Learning Binary Numbers

During gSchool, we did Ruby warm-up exercises each morning, and this was a primary way I learned throughout the program. Since graduating, I've really missed these daily challenges. I've decided to go back and re-do the exercises, but now I have the luxury of being able to spend more time on one challenge and repeat it like a drill (which is how I learn best).

Besides the actual coding solutions, a lot of the warm-ups presented new subjects I had never faced before, having no computer science background. One of the more interesting subjects introduced was binary numbers.

I really want to understand binary numbers and feel comfortable with them, so today I outlined a simple learning plan to teach myself. Basically, I'm starting out with daily drills and exercises, then tapering off over the next couple of weeks. After that, I'll revisit binaries here and there to make sure I'm retaining them.

Throughout the next few weeks, while I'll focus on working with the numbers themselves, I'll also do some coding challenges so that I'm getting my Ruby practice in as well. I think the combination of some written work and the coding solutions will really help me learn binaries better than just one method or the other. Here are the resources I'm starting with:





Daily writing drills I'm practicing:

Counting in binary, trying to write out the binary equivalent of random decimals (& vice versa), basic addition, &c.

Ruby Warm-Ups by Jumpstart Lab:

BinaryTrinary & Binary Secret Handshake

Great video that explains the basics: