Patient Intake Application

This week we wrapped up our first individual projects, and a lot of people made some really cool apps. I met my personal goals of learning, testing and writing high quality code, and am really happy with my application. It's small and unsexy so I didn't demo (the interface is effectively just a form), but it's solid and has code that I'm proud to show others.  

I didn't get to make customizable forms, since that was too much to try to do in one week, but did some really interesting things in the back-end. Since my forms were collecting a lot of responses, I used hstore with Postgres instead of many tables and columns to try to store everything. It made my schema very manageable, and challenged me not only to implement but also to clean up the data so it could be used easily across the application. 

I integrated with the Twilio API, which was really easy once I knew what pieces I needed. I might write up a small tutorial to walk someone through the process to set it up step-by-step, because I think it's the perfect API for a beginner to try. 

Since I hadn't delved into JavaScript yet, I wanted to use this project as a way to start learning that as well. I created a search form using jQuery that displays the search results without reloading the page. To a seasoned developer this is probably pretty boring, but it was my first jQuery and is something I'll likely use on many future projects. Of all my code, this is probably the only thing I don't fully understand as I'm not yet familiar with the domain and syntax.

There were a few gems I used for the first time, like Factory Girl, SimpleForm and VCR. Even having to do some of the configuration to set up Postgres and Capybara was new to me, so there were a lot of small things I learned along the way by being the only person working on the code. 

All in all, my first solo project was a lot of fun and a great learning experience! Please check out my Work page to see some screenshots.