The End is Near

Only FIVE WEEKS left for gSchool[0]! The weeks keep clipping by quickly, and before we know it we'll be starting our new jobs across the country.  

This week we started our last group project, using Service Oriented Architecture. My group is building a chat application for tech conferences, and I'm responsible for the main Rails app that will deal with logging in users with Twitter and displaying all the details, from schedule to live chats. I'll be using a lot of Ajax and jQuery, and spent last night studying how to properly test drive it. I'm trying Jasmine, and I really like it so far. 

I've been interviewing a lot these past two weeks, and am glad to see there are promising opportunities out there. It feels really good to be in this place, to already have most of the program complete and planning what I'll be doing when it's over. I thought I'd be really worn down by now and desperately dreaming of camping with a view of the Tetons or on Vancouver Island, but I don't feel that way at all. I've found my sweet spot, am in the flow and am trying to relish these last few weeks. Of course I *do* look forward to camping and being outside again! 

And now for some weekend inspiration! We don't do this just for the love of passing specs, we do this because we can solve really cool problems that absolutely improve lives: