Daughter of Store Engine Post Mortem

Six weeks ago we started Store Engine, and e-commerce site. When it was over, we created Son of Store Engine, taking our store and making it multi-tenant. When the end result was a disaster across the board thanks to us trying to crank out as much code as possible without basic disciplines like TDD, sleeping, communication, etc, we inherited our code base yet again for Daughter of Store Engine. The goal this time: be professional developers, not a bunch of sleep-deprived, caffeine-riddled hackers. Focus on delivering quality features, not more features.

Yesterday, every project demonstrated what they built, which I really appreciated. We got to see what everyone built and a shorter time-frame for the presentations made us focus on our best features. We told stories to illustrate how our features delivered value without the overwrought comedy routines that while entertaining to ourselves, doesn't present us in the best light to future employers. I think that if we all expect to demo, that will also help us focus on quality, because that last thing you want is to demo a crappy product.

I think our group did a great job of communicating and committing to the process and goals we set for ourselves. In some other groups, we've had great initial conversations, then a lot of what we agreed to flew out the window. Not the case for this group, and it gives me hope that I'll find that to be true for the last two group projects. We were so much more successful as a class with this project, and have learned the hard lesson that being disciplined is the difference between a great, small project and a giant pile of shit.