Young Entrepreneurs

A few weeks ago, gSchool partnered with Young Americans to build e-commerce or portfolio sites for kids with businesses. My partner Shane Rogers and I worked with a young lady named Alisha, who makes greeting cards with unique keychains attached to them.

Alisha said she's already had four or five businesses, and she's only ten years old! Besides the greeting cards, she raises guppies and takes care of chickens and other animals at her family's home tucked in the foothills of Colorado.

We wanted the project to give Alisha an introduction to technology she could use to support her business, and leave her with a web site she would be able to manage on her own. We also wanted to keep the cost to zero, and in the end Shane found the perfect solution for Alisha: a Yola site.

Please take a minute to check out Alisha's greeting cards, and consider supporting a young entrepreneur by buying from her instead of the boring, mass-produced cards found in stores. 

EDIT: Found a great article about this program here.