Don't Make Me Think - First Look

Don't Make Me Think by Steven Krug is all about simple web design and focusing on how people really use web pages. About a decade ago, I read a similar book when I was starting to use Dreamweaver, so I've known about some of these concepts for a while. Don't Make Me Think is a great reminder of how to make web pages easy and quick to use, although it is a little dated.

Reading through it, it's sort of fun to see the old examples of web pages they've included, but seeing such outdated design makes me a little worried about taking too much advice from the book. If it was updated today, would they just change the screen shots and layout, or would a significant part of the content change as well?

One thing that doesn't appear to be covered in the book is fonts, for example not writing in all caps for both readability and so you're not innernet screaming at people.

I also think it's pretty funny that the chapter names in the table of contents are so obscure and long… “The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends, why most web design team arguments about usability are a waste of time, and how to avoid them” WTF? How is this clear and succint, allowing readers to easily navigate the book? I wish they'd taken some of their own advice. That being said, I think a lot of the layout of the book is visually pretty easy to follow and free of unnecessary clutter. But someone had way too much fun coming up with “clever” chapter names.

Don't Make Me Think is a light read, and it won't take long to finish it up. While I think I have an aptitude for user experience, I'm looking forward to having some assumptions challenged and to learn new ideas or ways of approaching layout and design.