Favourite Clojure Tutorials

For the past few weeks I've been focusing on learning Clojure, here are the resources I've found most helpful so far:

Lispcast Videos by Eric Normand

These videos are so good in so many ways. Audio/production quality is great, the curriculum is delivered in real English - not CS jargon, and takes you from zero to understanding the basics in a really thought-out way. The videos aren't super long, but with pausing to type, and going back sometimes to review, you end up taking a decent amount of time to work through them. They're not videos you just watch, you're actively coding along with Eric. I love that everything starts in the REPL, then progresses to working in files. If you're new to Clojure, this is where I recommend you start.

Clojure Koans & 4Clojure

Once I had some basics down, I started working through the koans and 4Clojure.  I ended up working through the koans with another TurboVote developer, Troy, which was very helpful. I got so much more out of them than doing them in isolation, and he got practice explaining functional programming concepts. I have a friend that wants to learn Clojure with me, and I think we'll work through these together too.

Pedestal-app Tutorial

In preparation for the training I'll be doing at Clojure/conj in November, I worked through the main Pedestal-app tutorial. It's a little mind-bendy and I'm still trying to grasp some of the new concepts Pedestal has introduced to me (like transform functions, emitters and recording user interactions in a file). The tutorial has handy git diff links for each section, so if you get really stuck you can double-check your code. A head's up that the tutorial hasn't been updated for the latest version of Pedestal, but some of the open issues are helpful to work around this.

Related Pedestal Blog Post  

After I worked about a third of the way through the tutorial above, I found this blog post. It explained Pedestal really well, and I better understood the 'why' behind some of things I'd done working through the tutorial. If you're going to learn Pedestal, this is a great post to reference.

Pairing/Bothering Other People

As great as all the tutorials have been, nothing compares to pairing with someone more experienced you can ask questions of. I've had a harder time looking up syntax I don't understand than I do with Ruby. For example, I found this in a test in one of the APIs we're developing at TurboVote: ?form. Searching for "clojure ?form midje" didn't return anything obvious and I didn't know what this syntax was called (anaphoric macro, duh). So these are the sorts of things I've had to ask another Clojure developer about, and how pairing can really help fill in some gaps.

I'd love to hear what Clojure resources you found most helpful getting started.